A Tempered Payday, For Sure

I think it surprised a lot of people when we learned that we could withdraw our salaries before midshift.  The effect was immediate, and there was a line formed at the 5th floor BDO ATM.  I personally waited until late into my own schedule before I tried withdrawing, myself (around four in the morning actually, local time), and I still ran into a line of people at the ATM. Hmm.

I was surprised at the amount of money I received, but what surprise there was got tempered by the knowledge that, here I was, still stuck on competence assurance, and with the error this week, I had four more weeks to go on this.  Perfect performance for four weeks?  As seen by my companions, it’s doable, but man it’s going to need laser focus for yours truly. Ugh.

E-4 Clear
E-4 Clear

And when I got home, it was of course more Kantai Collection for me, as I resolved to finish E-4 before I went to bed. Boy, I was not prepared to be awake until past noontime just to finish the stupid map.  In total, over the past two days, I had to do 36 sorties to just clear it. It was utterly retarded.

Welcome Hayasui!
Welcome Hayasui!
Phase 1 clear. Now on to the Extra Ops!
Phase 1 clear. Now on to the Extra Ops!

But at least it’s done. What I need to do now however is build up another sparkled gaggle of destroyers, for use in boss support fleets, so I guess that will take up most of my time tomorrow. Sheesh.


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