Uneven Saturdays

Last night’s shift passed mostly without a hitch, so I was able to go home without much worry. The night itself went slowly, and I think the number of calls I took in were almost equal to Thursday.  Not that I minded of course, though it tempers my expectations for next week again.  

In a bit of a change, I didn’t go to sleep immediately once I got home, as I was told by my sister that we were meeting up with the person who was going to take all that hopia my father brought back yesterday to the US.  And since the meeting place was at the Mall of Asia, she figured it would also be a good excuse to pay my father and me back for what she owed us (a very belated  birthday gift in the case of yours truly).

While my father waited for mom’s contact, the rest of us tried to look for a place that had a set meal enough for five people. I was able to find one, a steak place, that had just that, so while my sister, the baby, and his nanny found a place for us (not that it was hard, it being mid-morning), while I returned to get my father. I met him half-way, and with him was the person who’d be carrying all that hopia. I was surprised — she was actually quite young, and way younger than myself or my sister.

In any case, we settled in for lunch. My sister ordered the A-Set meal, primarily because it included a lamb steak (which came in an eyehole cut, if I remember right), ribs, fried chicken and mashed potatoes, salad, a whole lot of fried rice, and a tower filled with Mountain Dew. 

Needless to say, we were very stuffed by the end of it.

We went into the mall proper after that for some iced cream.  After a bit of an altercation where we had to change the baby’s diapers, we said goodbye to mom’s contact, and wandered around the mall for a bit.  My sister finally got me that bag I asked for (one similar in size to the one I use to bring my packed lunch to work), and we headed to Uniqlo for a bit to browse.

I told my sister at the irony of how Uniqlo was considered a discount store in Japan, but here it’s treated as chic fashion, and we both laughed.  

However at that point my lack of sleep was getting to me, so I excused myself and headed home first. Once I got there, I turned on the a/c… and didn’t go straight to bed, as all that Mountain Dew and food kept me up, so I used that time to sparkle up my Destroyers in Kancolle.  After I got drowsy only THEN did I hit the sack.

I slept through the afternoon and the early evening obviously.


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