Sleeping On And Off

After the bit of disappointment from last night’s run at Kantai Collection, it was pretty much straight to bed. That didn’t stop me from waking up at around four in the morning though, though I suppose you could just count it as part of my schedule readjustment for the week.  I played a bit up to around ten again, then it was back to bed until four (where the a/c automatically turned itself off), then bed again until six-thirty.

Yeah, that’s just a great use of my time, right there.

I’m hearing the rumblings of distant thunder right now, so we might be in for a bit of rain. Hopefully by that point I’d be at work, worrying about errors and whatnot for the rest of the week again — need to get through this one without a single slip-up after all.

P.S. It started raining just as I was about to submit this entry. Go figure.


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