Restraint Is Good

I don’t want to jinx things, so I won’t comment on my performance until maybe Thursday.  Call-wise, doing pretty well, though it’s already noticeable by this point how I’m the only one left who still has scads of segments shoved into my shift.  Embarrassing.

Lots of calls last night though, but still somewhat restrained for a Monday. Which makes me worried for tonight’s shift, I guess.  Hopefully I won’t come in to find that I got hit by a gamut of errors in the meantime, ugh.

Anyway, need to get ready for work. The MRT’s service has, if anything, gotten even more erratic, and there might come a time that going to the office more than an hour in advance might not help either. 

Also, the Kancolle event has really killed off my anime watching for its duration. I have two weeks worth of Non Non Biyori still left unwatched, and many other series besides. 


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