Can’t Afford To Be Sloppy

It’s midweek, and I’m at the point where I’m turning paranoid at the mere possibility of slipping up… which is why my felt my heart leap into my throat when I was informed that I might have done a recorded error. Turns out that during my segment of the recorded call I didn’t do anything wrong, but then something after I had transferred to the different business section happened.  Suffice to say that I had to cover my arse there, and luckily for me this time around I actually didn’t do anything wrong.

That said, it was still a somewhat jam-packed shift, and there were a lot of calls that came in.  Then again, it was a Tuesday so…

Didn’t do much when I finally went home, aside from of course farming resources for my try at the final Kantai Collection event map this weekend on Hard mode.  Fuel is always a concern, especially given how the map practically begs to have support expeditions run for it.

Again, focus on tonight’s shift will be not screwing up. Ugh.  So stressful.


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