Always A Cause For Alarm

Despite myself, I somehow managed to make some mistakes yesterday — I tunnel-visioned while submitting cases for the transfer of client assets from one of our line of businesses to another, and rather than putting “full” like I was supposed to, I instinctively put in just “f” (because the prior entry was just a Y or N entry).  Ugh.  I seriously hope that this doesn’t turn into an error, or else it resets my chances. Again.

People are talking about making the move to the 8th floor next week, and with the seating arrangements, I guess the rest of the team is happy, as I’m segregated from the rest of them. I know that I’m not particularly liked, though there was this little part of me that wanted to sock them in the faces for being smug jackasses.  Ah well, nothing I could do about it though — the fact is, they’re already on service phones, and yet here I am still on Competence Assurance, so I have no room to complain since they succeeded where I seem to be constantly having issues.

All I could do now is pray real hard that those minor flubs last night don’t count as errors. Ye gods.

It was sunny when I got home, though it gradually turned dark before noontime.  This culminated in a bit of rain this afternoon, which is a blessing, as it cooled down the temperature enough for me to get some shuteye.  This also meant that I didn’t have to use the a/c, which I had been forced to do over the past few days due to the Summer-like heat during noontime and early afternoon.


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