There Goes My Good Will For The Weekend

On the plus side, I’m doing quite well on the case-submission front, with no glaring mistakes so far.  Unfortunately, not doing as well on the call monitoring side, with a recent one done last night getting me two yellow marks when I should have been getting a green average.  Admittedly the latter was my fault, as I should have transferred that call immediately rather than just trying to resolve it when it was another department’s issue to begin with… Ugh.  Regardless, I feel rather annoyed at myself right now.

And what’s worse about all this is I’m still not sure if this depth-charges my chances at advancing to “normal” service. Sigh.  Will just have to make sure than tonight’s calls don’t get screwed up as well.

Needless to say, my morale was pretty low when the shift ended, and the weather seemed to mirror it — it was dark and gloomy.  It even started to drizzle a bit when I was going home, but it didn’t erupt into a full downpour until late morning (close to noon actually), when I was ready to go to bed.  At least it made it cool enough so that I wouldn’t have to use the a/c again.

Here’s to hoping that I don’t make any major mistakes at work tonight.


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