Sunk Costs And Event Rationing

I somehow managed to make it through the shift without any case errors, which is good since I only had a single case submitted during the entire workday.  I still couldn’t breath a sigh of relief though, as there was still the other day’s Yellow call evaluation, which might still play a part in whether or not I advance to Service proper or not. Sigh.

It was raining when I got out, and it gradually gained strength while I was on the way home.  Lucky for me it didn’t turn into a real downpour until late morning, and by then I was already safely ensconced in my room.  It rained hard for most of the morning, before it apparently petered out by mid afternoon.

As for what I was doing, I didn’t go directly to sleep — and instead I turned my attention to the ongoing Kantai Collection summer event.  I pretty much spent the whole day on it, with probably four sleep of nap time in between, and what do I get?  Apparently a whole day’s work on it just equals to 25% off the HP bar of the boss. Sheesh. 

Yeah, the event is that insane.


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