Might As Well Be A Grind

Hey, I was as surprised as any
Hey, I was as surprised as any

Continuing on  from last night, I spent a good chunk of the day trying to whittle down the HP gauge of the last boss in this season’s event for Kantai Collection.  It was… a chore, and not really fun, to say the least.  But hey, at least I’m at the killzone now, which is a big relief especially when compared to last night.

Now to spend the week recouping resources again for a final push next Saturday and Sunday.  Hopefully it’ll be enough, else I don’t know if my in-game sanity would take it.

As for non-game related stuff, there was a whole lot of rain today, at least in our area.  I’m surprised that tatay  was able to put out the laundry (which I had worked on all night and into the morning care of the washing machine) to dry, but it was intermittent enough that by the time the rain grew in strength, the clothes were already (mostly) dry and ready to move inside the house.

Kantai Collection aside, I was also able to go out mid-morning to buy some stuff that we were running out of at home, and since my father said he already saw to the chicken and fish (via the thousand pesos I had given to him during Friday evening), I focused on what we were missing.  In this case, it was a new bottle of mouthwash (as there wasn’t a single 750 ml bottle, the store instead combined a 500 ml and 250 ml bottle as a package), shampoo, baby powder (for my nephew whenever he visits), isoprophyl alcohol, a whole lot of canned food, and a bottle of tamis-anghang ketchup plus Mang Tomas.

And since I brought two reusable shopping bags, all of this was more convenient to carry back home.

Anyway, I am beat, as grinding that boss gauge’s definitely drained me.  I’m going to just do a few more things, then some shuteye is in order for yours truly.


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