Two More Weeks Of This

And here we go again.  I have to make sure that from now up until Friday I have to focus on each of my calls, and make sure that I don’t mess up any of my cases submitted.  This I have some control over, so I’m going to have to really give each case a look before I finally put them on the list for the day for my team lead to go over.

The call monitoring will obviously be much harder, as those are just once a week, and what more, might come at any time of the day.  Kind of hard to maintain a chipper attitude through-out as a result, especially on a Monday, but in this case I have to try.  Focus on getting a Green-average score for those, yeah.

On the home front, nothing much happening, though there’s been some intermittent rain of various strength in our area for most of the day.  While it made it obviously dark during the day, it also made it nice and cool, which made the schedule-readjustment sleep much easier.

Recouped a good bit of resources in Kantai Collection as well.  Hopefully I’d have gathered up to the natural regen cap by the time my Last Dance attempt this weekend against the final boss goes through.


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