Keeping It Going

Last night’s shift passed without incident, though I don’t want to jinx it by speaking out of turn. As usual, I just hope that I didn’t screw up with the cases I submitted before the end of the shift, and focus on the calls that I’ll get later on in the evening.

I didn’t go to sleep immediately after I got home, as I waited for my father to bring home my nephew and his caretaker.  When the kid arrived at around eleven-thirty, only then did I go to bed — especially since my father usually complained that no one was around to open the front door for him, ahaha.

Sigh. Competence assurance just casts a long shadow over everything these days.  I just want to pass and get it over with.

On other non-work related news… It looks like the Kancolle devs extended the Summer 2015 event by five days. Whoop-dee-doop.  I’m still gonna finish it by this weekend though. Yeah. 


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