Close, But Don’t Want To Jinx It

Last night’s shift was very relaxed, which is kind of odd, when you consider that, by the number of calls alone, I took in more calls than on Wednesday.  It’s likely due to how I didn’t submit any case, and barely had any service calls at all.  Go figure.

This doesn’t mean I can afford to slack off though. So until the end, focus on the callflow, mind the verification, and be try to use positive language.  Harder than you’d expect, for sure.

In a bit of a pleasant surprise, we received our pay at around midnight, so this meant that people started making a line at the BDO ATM at the 5th floor almost as soon as the news broke out.  My pay this cutoff is a lot less than what I expected though, but I’ll have to wait until the online payslip gets posted next week before I can find out just why.

Another thing, we’re moving to the 8th floor next week, so we’re supposed to stay behind after shift and (sort of) pack away our CPUs and phones for moving upstairs.

As for the weekend… yeah, just have the remainder of the Kantai Collection event to focus on. Sure, it was extended and all, but I’d rather finish it this Saturday or Sunday, for my sanity’s sake.

One last thing I’d like to comment on — while it was sunny when I went to bed this morning, it apparently started raining hard during the afternoon.  Not that it changed anything once I woke up during the early evening, as it was once again humid and warm when I did.


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