Taking This Bit To Rest Up

Despite all odds, I managed to finish off the week without major blunders at work, and although the call evaluation still didn’t get a pass, I didn’t have any errors as far as cases were concerned. Hmm.  Also, despite the obvious hostility of my teammates, I was still able to prep everything at my workstation for the move to the 8th floor.  Now all I need to do on Monday is see if everything made it up there…

And Myouko for the save!
And Myouko for the save!

I also managed to finally finish with the event proper of the Kantai Collection summer event.  Boy was that more stressful than it should have been… I even developed a bit of a tic under my right eye as a result, sheesh. And while the event was extended until the 7th, I’m just going to recoup my resources, and see if I could farm some of the new event ships in the remaining event period.

Hard Mode medal, get!
Hard Mode medal, get!

Which meant that I was able to actually spend the latter half of Saturday evening, and the whole of today, just relaxing.  It even rained early this evening, meaning it’s actually cool and comfy right now, perfect conditions for sleeping in fact.  Speaking of which, I might just indulge in that in a bit.

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