It Was On A Lark

September 30, 2015

Well now, I spent most of the time I should have spent sleeping during the afternoon at Thomson Reuter’s office over at Mckinley Hill.  Now I don’t have any plans to leave my current job (because really, the location is convenient), but I was curious at the offer nonetheless. At the very least I’d like to find out how much they’re willing to offer (the position is for an executive, not a representative after all). 

Apparently I’m scheduled for a second-cum-final interview on Monday. That… was unexpected. They might really need folk experienced in financial matters. Hmm.

Anyway, in a bit of a rush, as I need to head to work now. Only went back home to gather my things, and get a change of clothes. I mean, I can’t head to work without my jacket now, can I? I’d freeze at my station.


That Which Creeps Up On You

September 29, 2015

Actually, it had slipped my mind that it was supposed to be payday today. Or technically it’s tomorrow, but depending on how quickly payroll works, we might be able to get money as early as tonight.  I’m really expecting people at the ATM by the time I get to the office…

I didn’t have much sleep today, as I was figuring the ins and outs of Bonifacio Global City this afternoon, in preparation for an interview I had scheduled with Thomson Reuters.  It’s not a sure thing, and there’s still of course my bond at Ameriprise to think about (I still have a year of that), but a thirty-thousand and more salary is hard to pass up.

Oh, and technically the interview was for this afternoon, but they were gracious enough to reschedule it. I’d still have to arrive there at before two in the afternoon though… Ugh.

What I need to do now is survive tonight’s shift at work without passing out completely. Might have to skip out on lunch totally and use it to sleep instead…

Monday Readjustments

September 28, 2015

I normally feel that I oversleep during Mondays. It’s a consequence of trying to adjust my sleep schedule back to a nocturnal cycle I suppose, in preparation for the new workweek. Even then, I felt that it was especially the case today, but that might be because I woke up at two in the morning, went to bed at four, woke up again at nine, then went straight to sleep again until around five. Yikes.

Nothing much to share aside from that, though my father did finally take out some of the wooden planking on the kitchen’s ceiling, so he could check where the leaks (whenever there’s a strong rain) were coming from. It turns out there were two holes that couldn’t be seen while he was on the roof itself, so I guess he spent most of the morning trying to fix that.

That aside, I my hope for tonight’s shift is that there won’t be too many calls. Of course, it being a Monday, there’s little chance of that happening, but hey, last Monday’s call volume was low compared to the rest of the week so… It’s nice to dream

Anime Watched: Yuru-Yuri OVA: Nachuyasumi +, Dragonball Super.

Rest So Tempting

September 27, 2015

By this point, there’s a noticeable bit of swelling around the joints of my left foot’s big toe, and while it’s not enough to be painful, it’s enough to be a nuisance.  Add to that the fact that I couldn’t really put any weight on it for any amount of time, and you can imagine that I didn’t do a lot of moving around unless I needed to.

Not that there was a lot to do in the house during the weekend but to rest anyway, which I did.  And while it was sunny for much of the morning, dark clouds during the late afternoon promised rain… And rain it did. While it wasn’t strong during the early evening, it sure is pouring now.

On the plus side though, this might mean that I’d have a much more tolerable evening to sleep through, what with the drop in temperature due to the rain and all…

Happy Just To Lie Down At This Point

September 26, 2015

The shift last night went by without much fuss, though I admit that my mind was occupied through most of the last quarter of it. I had processed a case, but I was pretty sure that I processed part of it by mistake. Specifically, I managed to delete a bank authorization, only to discover later on that it was not the one I was supposed to deactivate, so I had to go back and delete the right one.  The authorization I deleted first didn’t seem to be used, but that didn’t stop me from trying to use every bit of free time I had until the end of the shift to put that deleted info back.

I wasn’t able to, though, which is why I’m praying really hard no one looks really hard at the documentation case I submitted and closed under my name. Ugh.

Anyway I was already tired when I got home, but this was exacerbated by the join of my left big toe acting up again. While there’s no obvious swelling yet, it’s really hard to move it around now, and pressing down on the area brings numbness, while putting any weight on it makes me wince a bit. Time to grab more Advil, I guess, and pray it doesn’t swell up during the weekend.

The Big Mug

September 26, 2015

(Author’s Notes: The following is what I wrote as a submission for the “welcome wagon” phase of the NovoEd 2015 How to Write Fiction online course, as the first assignment)

There was a particular coffee mug at home that I used often. It was large, much larger than all of the other mugs the family owned, and was covered with a dark blue-over-light blue print that stopped short of the mug’s handle.  The print itself proudly advertised “Bloom’s Coffee” in bold letters, positioned under a stylized image of flowers tumbling out of a decorative vase. To the left and right of the flowers were the words “regular” and “grind”, displayed in much smaller font, as were “vacuum packed” and “one pound net” right underneath the Bloom’s Coffee label. Finally, at the very bottom, were what I presumed was the address of the makers of the mug itself, J.Bloom & Sons Coffee & Tea Corporation, located at Portland, Oregon. This design was repeated on both sides of the mug, as if to make sure that people looking at it would know exactly where it came from.

I’m not really much of a coffee drinker myself, so I often use the mug to hold other types of drinks. If it isn’t water it’s usually something cool, like orange juice or, if my family had received a package from my mother from the States, iced tea. Or even cola, at times. 

It’s because of this that I’m sometimes tempted to ask the mug whether or not it was happy with its situation.  Was it happy that I was using it like that?  It was made with hot drinks in mind after all, and coffee in particular, and yet here I was making it hold the opposite. What could it be its reaction to that, I wonder?

I’d like to imagine that it would be happy that it was even being used, period.  It sat almost forgotten in a corner of one of the kitchen cupboards after all, and I only noticed it due to how large it was compared to the mugs that my father normally used for his morning coffee. Because of this, I’d imagine it to be patient as well, doubly so because I was the one who used it most often. 

Would it be angry instead though?  Should it be angry?  What if whenever I pour in cold water from the fridge, it gnashes and grits its figurative teeth at me, and mouths curses in my direction whenever I use it to hold mango juice with ice for a warm’s summer’s day?  That would certainly be interesting, though it would likely make me think twice about ticking it off too much.

On the other hand how would it react to when I used it to carry the strong and very hot brewed coffee that my father drinks to get through the morning? Would it be pleased then, nod to itself, and think that I was finally using it as it was supposed to be used, it’s true purpose? Enough to endure my usual antics, day by day?

It could go any way, really.

And Here We Are Again

September 25, 2015

For an evening largely free from our team lead’s supervision, last night’s shift went pretty well. He did come in late in the shift however, though it was likely due to leadership training for the bosses scheduled earlier in the day, and the fact that he was supposed to meet the team for something. In fact, my own schedule for the team meeting was for tonight’s shift…

Definitely looking forward to the weekend though, if only so I could sleep in through Saturday again.