It Was On A Lark

Well now, I spent most of the time I should have spent sleeping during the afternoon at Thomson Reuter's office over at Mckinley Hill.  Now I don't have any plans to leave my current job (because really, the location is convenient), but I was curious at the offer nonetheless. At the very least I'd like … Continue reading It Was On A Lark

That Which Creeps Up On You

Actually, it had slipped my mind that it was supposed to be payday today. Or technically it's tomorrow, but depending on how quickly payroll works, we might be able to get money as early as tonight.  I'm really expecting people at the ATM by the time I get to the office... I didn't have much … Continue reading That Which Creeps Up On You

Monday Readjustments

I normally feel that I oversleep during Mondays. It's a consequence of trying to adjust my sleep schedule back to a nocturnal cycle I suppose, in preparation for the new workweek. Even then, I felt that it was especially the case today, but that might be because I woke up at two in the morning, … Continue reading Monday Readjustments

Happy Just To Lie Down At This Point

The shift last night went by without much fuss, though I admit that my mind was occupied through most of the last quarter of it. I had processed a case, but I was pretty sure that I processed part of it by mistake. Specifically, I managed to delete a bank authorization, only to discover later … Continue reading Happy Just To Lie Down At This Point

And Here We Are Again

For an evening largely free from our team lead's supervision, last night's shift went pretty well. He did come in late in the shift however, though it was likely due to leadership training for the bosses scheduled earlier in the day, and the fact that he was supposed to meet the team for something. In fact, … Continue reading And Here We Are Again