Can’t Hedge Bets, Yet

Last night was somewhat slow, but was colored by the fact that I fumbled a call early in the shift.  As a result I was constantly on-guard for the rest of the night, which made me much more… sensitive, to the discussions of the rest of the team, who were clumped together several feet from where I was positioned on the work floor.  That someone took my locker space was bad enough…  I wouldn’t like to think that it was done on purpose now, would I?

Sigh.  Anyway aside from that, it was pretty much the same old stuff, with the added caveat that, because the floor was still sparsely occupied, it was cold as heck.  If you were aiming to fall asleep, the low temperature might be nice, but people are trying to work after all.  The auto-dimming lights (which would literally dim then shut down entirely if no one was walking around) did not matters either.

In any case, temperature or no, I just have to continue focusing on my calls.  Hopefully, hopefully, I can finally pass a phone evaluation to go with the cases I’ve been doing.

On to other stuff… It actually rained hard in our area early in the day, and while I was hoping it would continue into the afternoon it didn’t quite pan out.  So temperatures didn’t reach what I’d call comfortable for dozing, though it did made the early afternoon more bearable.


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