Letting My Guard Down, For A Bit At Least

So I managed to survive until the weekend. I’d have breathed a sigh of relief… except now I’m worried about the cases I submitted. Sure, I looked through them before I submitted them for evaluation, but there’s always the nagging feeling, especially in my situation, that I might have missed something.  

Well, nothing I could do about it now, but enjoy the long weekend brought about by Labor Day in the US.  Not surprisingly, I spent most of today at home in bed. I felt that I owed it to myself, given how high-strung I was over the week.

That, and Kantai Collection. As planned I started farming the third map for Mizuho, and expected that it would take forever to get her, much like Roma was during the previous event. 

And look who dropped in to join the fleet?
And look who dropped in to join the fleet?

Turns out, I just needed ten sorties. I guess RNG can be merciful too.  Now to see if I’m masochistic enough to try for Umikaze…

Nothing much exciting in my area either, aside from the fact that it rained really hard again late afternoon, enough to wake me from my sleep in fact.


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