That Rare Holiday Off

Since it’s Labor Day in the US, I didn’t have to go to work tonight, which I’m thankful for a change.  Extended weekends are pretty rare in my line of work, after all. Of course, needless to say I spent the big bulk of it resting and gaming, but what can you do about that?

Speaking of which, today’s update in Kantai Collection means that the event is well and truly over. Whew, about time to recover resources for the season. Some of the alternate Autumn yukata sprites for the girls were nice, and was tickled at how Mizuho (my current secretary) was one of them. And to top things off, I set Kaga Misaki kai as my office BGM.

Mizuho and my office.
Mizuho and my office.

Of course, this meant that I didn’t go through sleep schedule readjustment, meaning that I was awake for the bulk of the day, and only went to bed late-afternoon. And the latter was only because I finally got sleepy, yeesh.

In any case, I’ll see if I can do a few more things, then it’s off to bed again for me. Why? Because it just rained, and the temperature’s dropped into what I consider comfortable for napping.


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