Off To Some Kind Of Start

Last night’s shift was not as hectic as I’d expected. And while the workfloor was still as cold as the previous week, with the migration of the rest of the people from the fifth floor, not only was the place more crowded, the area that used to be dark last week was now fully-lit.  Surprising, really, despite the fact that we were coming back from a holiday. Heck, I didn’t even have to submit a single case last night.  Hmm.

That said, my oversleeping over the past day seems to have come back to bite me, as I had extreme difficulty in falling asleep this afternoon. Ugh, this means I’ll have to compensate for that with caffeine again.

Oh, and apparently the rain that I experienced before I headed to the office last night actually got stronger, as one of the first things my father mentioned when I got back this morning was how he was forced to work through the evening making sure that the kitchen didn’t flood over.  That was how strong the rain was.  It surprised me, since the only sign of anything happening was the fact that the temperature kept on dropping at the office (as the thermostat auto-adjusted depending on the outside temperature).

In any case, for me just the usual again for tonight’s shift. Can’t afford to lose focus, after all. So again, verification, call flow, accuracy, and language. Yeah.

Anime Watched: Non Non Biyori ~ Repeat.


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