Can’t Feel Complacent

Can I feel the pressure? You bet I do. Just two days more to go, and I can’t really afford to screw anything up, so you’ll excuse me for being on edge for the entire shift last night. It didn’t help that I actually had to submit actual cases this time, one of them a correction case too… Ugh, all of this is bad for my nerves.

Anyway two shifts to go… And then what?  And then I hope that I pass, so I can get on with this competence assurance period.

As for other stuff, I actually went to work early last night, more because I wanted to avoid the inevitable crush of people at the MRT. Worked for the most part, thought this meant that I was there at the office an hour before I should have. Eh.

Incidentally it looks like we’re in for a bit of rain in my area. I suppose it was making up for the fact that there wasn’t any last night, but then again it’s been kind of dark and cloudy when I went home this morning. Hmm.  Hope it doesn’t rain too much though, as it’ll be a hassle again to bring a foldable umbrella with me to the office.


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