Do I Dare Hope

And so here I am, on what I hope would be the last day of my evaluation period. I’m still praying that I won’t jinx anything, but hopefully none of the cases I submitted last night blow up on my face. The fact that I had two phone evaluations last night almost made my heart leap in my throat as it is, but thankfully the two pulled calls did somewhat okay, and eked two greens over a yellow.  All I need to do now was survive tonight…

Ah, that pressure.

Speaking of work last night, because of last night’s rain we were asked to come to work early. In my case, this meant that I was at the office two hours and a half before shift. On the plus side, we could file those as pre-shift OT, but then again, OTs are considered taxable…

Oh, and free company-sponsored flu shots too. I got mine during my last break, and it didn’t take too long either, though there’s still some numbness persisting even now after I’d gotten some sleep at home.

Office stuff aside, it looks like I’m stuck at home for the weekend, while the rest of my family heads off to Baguio.  Nothing we could do about it though, what with the extended Comp Ass period. It’s one of my regrets for not passing it early, but I suppose having the house all to myself during the weekend is sort of nice. Pity about the laundry though, but that’s handled easily enough.

Anyway, again, sort-of final night. Need to focus on the usual — verification, call flow, accuracy, and lastly, positive phrasing.  Yeah.

P.S. I just got a 35k PHP + perks job offer from Thompson Reuters, but the fact that it’s a BGC tempers expectations immediately. And while the back office tag is tempting, they were very vague about its “inbound” component. Ugh.  Add to it being researched-focused, and you can understand the likely high-pressure environment it’ll have.


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