Not As Restful A Weekend As I’d Wished

Oh man, I feel tired, which is funny, since it’s the weekend and my day off.

Let’s start it off with the end of my Friday’s shift, where I discovered that I had submitted the wrong case for a particular client. It was the worst-case scenario — a screw-up at the end of the Competence Assurance period. My morale plummeted immediately when I realized what I had done, but thankfully it was something that still could be fixed, and since it literally happened at the end of my shift, my supervisor was willing to look the other way, as long as I submitted the correct case (which I did).

That didn’t stop me from feeling as if my heart was in my throat for the duration though. Ugh.

Once I got home I didn’t go straight to sleep, oh no. I had to take care of the large pile of laundry first. So I spent the entire morning going back and forth to the washing machine, and it really was hard going due to the low water pressure in the house.  Eventually though I was done, and managed to drag the clothes outside to be rinsed.  After that was done, I put the clothes on hangers, and left them to dry, but put most of them under the shade of my house. It turned out to be a serendipitous decision, as it rained hard during the afternoon, enough to cause flooding inside the house.

Of course, I didn’t know that, since as soon as I put out the last bit of clothing on the clothesline, I went in the house, closed the front door behind me, and then went upstairs for an afternoon nap. It was only once I woke up, and went downstairs, that I found the mess I was in — the floor was flooded with shallow water, and it looked like the kitchen sink overflowed as well.

I tried to sweep most of the water out through the front door, though in the end it still wasn’t enough to get rid of the low-lying pools of water that were left behind. Getting rid of those took even more work, mostly through using the entirety of the kitchen floor mats we had left. I had to take out the mats and place them out to dry afterward, though.

Only then was I able to sleep again… but then apparently it rained through the evening. Thankfully it didn’t flood, though there were puddles of water again. Getting rid of those took the remainder of the kitchen rags.

In the end I had to bring in the clothes from the outside, and put them out to hang in my room and my sister’s (in the latter I had to fix the laundry line first of course).  Which was just in time too, as it started raining hard again during the afternoon, though thankfully there was no flooding this time.

I’m pretty tuckered out by now though. And since my father just arrived, fresh from Baguio, I think I’ll disappear into the covers forthwith… 


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