Pay In, Pay Out

Although it’s payday, as usual it’s hard to enjoy as much due to the deductions that come out of it even before I put it into the bank.  That said, it is nice to have some money placed into the bank, and in the end that’s still more than 60% of my salary safely ensconced in my savings account.

As for my shift at work, it was pretty slow, though there was a bit of rain on the way to the office (meaning I had to bring an umbrella with me this time).  Returning to a “full” shift without any segments is a bit of a change as well, though not really noticeable overall… Well, aside from the fact that instead of spending the last thirty minutes of the shift either doing nothing or poring over cases (as that was alloted to a segment), I’m still taking calls instead. Hmm.

Gonna try and get to the office early again, though this time around it might be hard to avoid dropping by the sleeping quarters for a quick snooze. Providing I don’t go to the 6th floor pantry for the NBI renewal of course…


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