Some Costs, Some Complications

Last night’s shift was surprisingly slow, with (relatively) high avail times and what I perceived to be fewer calls than even Monday’s workday.  I may be wrong about the latter of course, but it does say a lot when I managed to catch some naps during the latter half of the day.

Aside from that, nothing much exciting happened at work, though it did apparently rain hard last night. Of course, by that point I was already safely ensconced at my work station, so barring the vibrations from the thunder it didn’t really affect us much.

I did look forward to getting home by the end though, though that was more due to sleep debt piling up again than because of actual call-related stress.  Too bad I wasn’t able to sleep as early as I’d liked, as our apartment was apparently next in line to have its poso negro pumped out. The issue here, of course, was the fact that it was situated under our kitchen, and they had to chisel and dig out the plug to it. It’s been around fifteen years since we had the place fixed up, and it never occurred to tatay and nanay at the time that the darned thing had to be accessible, especially when something like this came along.

So yeah, it was quite noisy downstairs for most of the morning, as they struggled to chisel out the concrete plug, down to where the poso negro was situated, and THEN make a hole big enough to place the pumping hose into. And THEN fix everything up after that was done, with the caveat that the cover over it would be easier to open the next time something like this needed to be done in the future. Yeesh.

In any case, I just hope that tonight’s shift passes without any major screw-ups on my part. That would be nice now, wouldn’t it?

P.S. I dared and submitted my resume for a position in Thomson Reuters. While my bond with Sykes isn’t up yet, it doesn’t hurt to try and apply for a 35k-paying position right? 


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