Happy Just To Lie Down At This Point

The shift last night went by without much fuss, though I admit that my mind was occupied through most of the last quarter of it. I had processed a case, but I was pretty sure that I processed part of it by mistake. Specifically, I managed to delete a bank authorization, only to discover later on that it was not the one I was supposed to deactivate, so I had to go back and delete the right one.  The authorization I deleted first didn’t seem to be used, but that didn’t stop me from trying to use every bit of free time I had until the end of the shift to put that deleted info back.

I wasn’t able to, though, which is why I’m praying really hard no one looks really hard at the documentation case I submitted and closed under my name. Ugh.

Anyway I was already tired when I got home, but this was exacerbated by the join of my left big toe acting up again. While there’s no obvious swelling yet, it’s really hard to move it around now, and pressing down on the area brings numbness, while putting any weight on it makes me wince a bit. Time to grab more Advil, I guess, and pray it doesn’t swell up during the weekend.


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