Monday Readjustments

I normally feel that I oversleep during Mondays. It’s a consequence of trying to adjust my sleep schedule back to a nocturnal cycle I suppose, in preparation for the new workweek. Even then, I felt that it was especially the case today, but that might be because I woke up at two in the morning, went to bed at four, woke up again at nine, then went straight to sleep again until around five. Yikes.

Nothing much to share aside from that, though my father did finally take out some of the wooden planking on the kitchen’s ceiling, so he could check where the leaks (whenever there’s a strong rain) were coming from. It turns out there were two holes that couldn’t be seen while he was on the roof itself, so I guess he spent most of the morning trying to fix that.

That aside, I my hope for tonight’s shift is that there won’t be too many calls. Of course, it being a Monday, there’s little chance of that happening, but hey, last Monday’s call volume was low compared to the rest of the week so… It’s nice to dream

Anime Watched: Yuru-Yuri OVA: Nachuyasumi +, Dragonball Super.

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