That Which Creeps Up On You

Actually, it had slipped my mind that it was supposed to be payday today. Or technically it’s tomorrow, but depending on how quickly payroll works, we might be able to get money as early as tonight.  I’m really expecting people at the ATM by the time I get to the office…

I didn’t have much sleep today, as I was figuring the ins and outs of Bonifacio Global City this afternoon, in preparation for an interview I had scheduled with Thomson Reuters.  It’s not a sure thing, and there’s still of course my bond at Ameriprise to think about (I still have a year of that), but a thirty-thousand and more salary is hard to pass up.

Oh, and technically the interview was for this afternoon, but they were gracious enough to reschedule it. I’d still have to arrive there at before two in the afternoon though… Ugh.

What I need to do now is survive tonight’s shift at work without passing out completely. Might have to skip out on lunch totally and use it to sleep instead…


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