Recuperation Mode: On

Suffice to say that I've been making sure to get as much sleep as I could humanly get during the weekend, to make up for the stress the work week had caused. Sheesh. Talk about busy. Anyway not really much to add, aside from that. Speaking of sleep, time to hit the sack to get … Continue reading Recuperation Mode: On

How Quickly It Slips Through The Fingers

And I'm not talking about time, though that does feel like it's flowing through my fingers at times. Oh no, it's my salary. It didn't even last a day in my savings account before I had to take out a good chunk of it. Why? Because I'm just a sucker for people who ask me nicely … Continue reading How Quickly It Slips Through The Fingers

Two More Nights Of This (For This Week)

First off, our pay dropped early during the shift, with our salaries ready to be withdrawn early in the evening. I didn't notice this of course, since the BDO ATM was downstairs on the 5th floor, and I hadn't had any reason to go down there for a while. You bet that I went out … Continue reading Two More Nights Of This (For This Week)

Always One After Another

It's the second night, and I can't really say that I want to get used to this. However with half the team on training, and without team lead or team assistant support for most of the shift (though our TL did drop by after lunchtime), it's pretty hard regardless. So far there's been no major screw-up … Continue reading Always One After Another

Expected, But Not Appreciated In The Least

The shift last night was... yeah, it was busy. Taking out half the team for certificate training led to the expected consequences, which is to say a backed-up service queue and a lots of headaches for the three of us left on the phones. I actually had to stop for a bit close to the … Continue reading Expected, But Not Appreciated In The Least

Always The Best-Laid Plans

Welp, I tried, but the noontime heat kind of put a stop to any plans of getting any proper sleep today.  Went to bed at around ten, then promptly woke up at past one-thirty. After that, I couldn't even get a single wink, and despite trying to tire myself out by watching the English dub … Continue reading Always The Best-Laid Plans

All Play And No Work, And It Feels Fine

This Sunday was really lazy. That's all I could say to describe it, really. Despite the fact that I woke up relatively early today, the only real work I did was help prepare food for lunch, and even then it was just something I threw together to complement the leftovers from last night.  Pork and beans … Continue reading All Play And No Work, And It Feels Fine

That Weekend Sleep Catch-Up

I've always used the weekends as an excuse to sleep in and recoup all that sleep that I missed over the work week. Let's face it, working during evenings really gets to you at times, regardless of the workload. That said, I wasn't able to indulge in slumber catch-me-up when I got home this morning, … Continue reading That Weekend Sleep Catch-Up

Always A Thing To Be Thankful For

Another work week almost done. I really hope that I don't jinx things, but it looks like this one will pass without incident as well. Routine might be boring for some people, but I not one to complain when nothing exciting happens in my life for a while. And it turned out that we didn't … Continue reading Always A Thing To Be Thankful For

Wallet’s Feeling The Burn

Welp, there goes yet another impulse purchase. I'm definitely gonna feel it at the end of the month once the bills come in... Oh well, crossing my fingers that the tech bonus actually gets credited for this cutoff, especially since they missed giving it for the first half of the month. If not, ah, that … Continue reading Wallet’s Feeling The Burn