And On With The Rain

It’s funny, I think I felt my heart leap into my throat when I was asked by my team leader to follow him instead of heading straight to the locker area after my shift was over. It was even worse when the place he asked me to go to was the area where the team leads were assigned. It turned out he wanted me to sign some paperwork that more or less made it “official” that I was a regularized employee of Sykes Asia, G1. Sheesh.

Needless to say, I needed to lie down after that… Which is why the moment I got home, and just a little bit after I got changed, I went straight to bed. Seriously. I wasn’t able to go to sleep straight though, and woke up sometime after noontime. It wasn’t because it was hot — heck, it was dark and cloudy at that point, but because I needed to use the toilet.

Of course it started to rain, and hard, by mid-afternoon, so it wasn’t too difficult to slip back under the covers and go to sleep again, but when it was still raining once I woke up, well, you’d excuse me for being worried now about how I’d get to work without issue.

A lot of running and maybe an umbrella will be involved, for sure.


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