Rare Reservations

I didn’t go to work tonight, primarily because I reserved it as one of my PTOs for the month. The reason was simple enough — it was the second interview I had scheduled for Thomson Reuters, and since it was set for five in the afternoon, I wasn’t really sure that I would make it to work (or be in any condition for work, for that matter). 

The interview itself was fairly straightforward (once I went to Mckinley Hill again for it), despite it being delayed for half an hour, though for some reason they were still avoiding the topic of compensation. Honestly though unless they were actually offering 35k per month, they could keep it — I’d take convenience over the pay, if it meant long commutes to BGC. Ugh.

That said, my credit bill is kind of huge this month… I’ll have to lock away the credit card again for a while, maybe for a month or two, ugh.

Anyway, just tired at the end of it, so I think I’ll just turn in without fuss this time.


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