Personal Annoyances

So it looks like I’m not going to make the deadline for the first assignment for the NovoEd online class… Because I spent a good chunk of the day at the airport, waiting for someone who not only didn’t show up, but didn’t even contact me to tell me whether or not she arrived safely, or whether she went to her house here in the city, or a dozen other things. Yeah.

And what’s worse with it, all the time spent at the airport meant that I also wasn’t able to readjust my sleep schedule. So I’m fatigued on top of annoyed, because I couldn’t think straight as a result, and can’t punch out the five hundred words needed to complete that assignment. UGH.

I just… I’m just too tired to be angry, that’s all.

Hopefully I can grab the person I was supposed to meet today, and sit down with her for a long LONG talk.


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