All That Unnecessary Pressure

Thankfully it wasn’t as tiring during last night’s shift, though there were a lot of calls to be had (due to us being down two people). I knew that this was the case, as I arrived at home and didn’t have the urge to immediately jump into the sack and forget about the world for several hours.

That said, I did sleep still relatively early, and as a result I woke up early as well — sometime after one-thirty in the afternoon in fact.  Instead of going to bed again though, I spent the afternoon trying to finish a late submission for the NovoEd online writing class.  500 words again, all told, and submitted by late afternoon.

Hopefully it wasn’t too late a submission.

In any case, that post by my cousin… Ouch. So much for online dating as a viable option, huh.

Anime Watched: Kekkai Sensen (finale).


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