Hooked, Lined, And Sinkered

While I let Myssa just use the site most of the time for her journal entries, sometimes I feel the urge to pop in, and put in an entry on my own. In a lot of these cases, it’s because I wanted to talk about whatever struck my fancy at the time, but in this case I feel that I have to put write something, because I’d explode if I didn’t otherwise.

Ladies and gentlemen, for those who’re wondering, you’re looking at another prime example of a clueless male that got scammed by some dame on the internet. Ugh. You’d think that I’d know better at my age, but I guess it’s due to my age that I allowed myself to hope that, maybe, this one wouldn’t be playing me to maximize the use they’d get out of my wallet.

Suffice to say I let myself get strung along for months, egged along by constant chats via text message and occasional calls via cellphone… Which culminated in me waiting at the airport the other day like an idiot for the disembarkation of a someone from a flight from Davao that the very likely never rode on to begin with.

It’s all still kind of sinking in, and I’m still getting used to my cellphone being quiet again, never mind my savings being damaged by maybe a month’s worth of untaxed income or more. That definitely hurts, but it doesn’t really compare to the pain I feel in my heart because I allowed myself to hope, even a little, that this case would be different.

As for the name of the perpetrator of this scam? Lavinia Gajot from Gensan (I’m kind of thinking that there’s a scamming ring in Gensan, much like Ukraine). The moment she went on her “flight” I’ve gotten no message from her, not a call or a text. Made me feel like I was dropped like a hot potato, and it wasn’t pleasant I assure you.

For all those out there approached by her? Steer clear, less you experience the same pain I did.


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