Got No Answer Yet

Several days on, and there’s still no response so far from the people from Thomson Reuters. Well, it was a long shot as it was, and at this point unless the renumeration goes above and beyond my salary expectations, it was likely that I wouldn’t take the job offer anyway.  Besides, there’s also the fact that I’d like to experience my first “real” thirteen-month bonus from Sykes so…

Speaking of Sykes, after the “formal” signing of the regularization papers, the end of yesterday’s shift also saw me signing an actual insurance form. That’s the first time that’s happened before, ever in all my years in the BPO industry.  Still, it’s not a retirement plan, which is what most of us are really hoping for. Oh well.

Final day of the work week. While I’ll be looking forward to get home after the shift, I’ll also have to work on the NovoEd requirements for the week, never mind the online exam. Ugh.


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