Disappointing Convenience

Last night’s shift was, in a word, busy. Definitely had more calls compared to money, though it was otherwise status quo for us on the Service queue. The only highlight was how our team lead returned the trench coat he borrowed for the pre-Halloween event that was held last week. It was laundered of course and, funnily enough, smelled like Downy. Heh.

It’s technically payday for us today, and I have to say I dropped by the BDO website more than I should have to check if the pay was debited already. Heck, it’s the first thing I did when I woke up this afternoon. Though by the looks of it, the pay only settled at around six. Hmm.

And the payout is… 9400 PHP or so. That’s a whole lot lower than I’d expected for this half of the month. Ugh. And how much of THAT will be left after I check what I have to pay on my credit card bill for this month? I fear to check…

Oh well, I guess I can survive on rice and raw egg and soy sauce for a while. How Gintama-like.

P.S. The new BGM for the Mackerel-fishing event in Kantai Collection is so catchy. A sore sore sore!


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