I’m Trying To Hang In There

As usual, I wasn’t really able to feel my pay today, as fully half of it went to paying off my credit card bill. Sometimes, I really wonder if it’s worth keeping the thing around… In any case, this early on I’m already forced to tighten my proverbial belt. Ugh.

Sleep debt is really catching up to me again. I think I spent my first break and lunch break just dozing during last night’s shift. Sleeping through the weekend is looking mightily tempting again.  Heck, I stayed over at the office up until eight as I was too sleepy to even walk, so I just rested in the sleeping quarters as much as I could.

That, or I need a whole lot of cheering up. Time to dig out Non Non Biyori, Kin-iro Mosaic, and the first season of Gochiusa again.


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