Sure Picked Up Quickly

Although the day started out sunny enough, the rains that our office warned about came down soon enough, and by mid-morning things were cold, windy, and really really wet.  Practically speaking, this meant that there was just no way for my sister and her kid to attend the birthday party they were invited to, but for the rest of us, it just meant being stuck at home for the day… Which honestly wasn’t such a bad thing.

As I mentioned, the rains and the wind made it prime sleeping weather, so needless to say I took advantage of that. As for my sister, the baby, and his minder, well, they went back home to Quezon City after lunchtime, after they took advantage in a break in the rains to head to the MRT station.

And since the wind is still cool, regardless of the lack of rain, that’s a good reason as any for me to turn in early, as it makes for easier sleeping.

Anime Watched: Himouto, Umaru-chan, MSG Iron-blooded Orphans, Sore ga Seiyuu, Gochuumon was Usagi desu ka S2.


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