Not Gonna Let Myself Get Rained In

Despite the office advisory, and the repeated texts by our team lead to make sure to make it on time, there’s been very little rain today.  There was a bit of a downpour during the late afternoon, but for most of the day what we got in my neighborhood was a whole lot of wind instead. Not that I have anything to complain about that, as it really helped with my sleep readjustment (especially since I woke up at, like, four in the morning).

I still woke up somewhat early in the afternoon anyway, but on the plus side this meant that I was able to cook my own viand for my packed lunch — sweet and spicy adobo with chicken gizzard and liver (though the “liver” in this case is the heart and lungs) as base. Yum.

Anyway, going to have to take the usual rainy day precautions, like the obvious umbrella. Hopefully we really won’t get strong rains by late shift, as I really don’t want to get stuck at the office.

Anime Watched: Bikini Warriors, Kill la Kill English Dub.


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