Bracing For Second Evenings

Surprise surprise, it turned out that the worries of the company was ill-founded for a change. For all the fears of the rains lasting into Tuesday, today was pretty sunny and warm.  It wasn’t so hot to be unable to sleep during the afternoon of course, but I guess the afternoon breeze helped alleviate some of the heat. Not quite comfy, but I didn’t wake up sweating either.

I did woke up early in the afternoon again though, which means I’m probably going to have to take some caffeine later on in the evening to compensate. Or at least, not feel like a zombie with cotton in my mouth later.

Last night was relatively relaxed, which is why I’m worried about tonight, since by now most callers have shaken off the leftover lethargy from the weekend. Hopefully it doesn’t result in a shift where the only time we could get off the queue would be during toilet breaks. Ugh.  One could only hope… 

Anime Watched: Yuru-Yuri S3, Kill la Kill English dub.


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