That Weekend Sleep Catch-Up

I’ve always used the weekends as an excuse to sleep in and recoup all that sleep that I missed over the work week. Let’s face it, working during evenings really gets to you at times, regardless of the workload.

That said, I wasn’t able to indulge in slumber catch-me-up when I got home this morning, as there was just that pile of laundry to take care of. While the water pressure early on was strong enough to ensure that the washing machine didn’t have to sit idle between the piles of clothes I cycled in and out of it, by the last batch the water actually stopped flowing. Ugh.

It was by around this time my father came back from his morning walk of course, so he managed to resolve that little bit (by actually bringing in two buckets full of water from the outside, where the water pressure was still manageable), and soon enough all the laundry was done. I was able to go to bed… except for the fact that it was close to noon by this point, so while I was able to get some sleep, it’s now as much as I’d liked.

So that kind of means I’m going to have to turn in early to make up for that shortfall. Not that I mind any.

Anime Watched: Heavy Object.


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