All Play And No Work, And It Feels Fine

This Sunday was really lazy. That’s all I could say to describe it, really. Despite the fact that I woke up relatively early today, the only real work I did was help prepare food for lunch, and even then it was just something I threw together to complement the leftovers from last night.  Pork and beans and canned tuna aren’t exactly high cuisine, but thrown together with some sugar and spices, and they came together well enough that my father had no complaints this time around.

The rest of the day passed pretty slowly after that. I went and took a nap after lunch, went to church at around five, then spent the waking hours in between watching videos (in this case, week 65 of the Great War, and Extra History: Admiral Yi part V) and the anime downloads I had over the week.

All in all, it was pretty restful, and hopefully most of that energy I recouped carries over into tomorrow.

Anime Watched: Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka S2.


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