Expected, But Not Appreciated In The Least

The shift last night was… yeah, it was busy. Taking out half the team for certificate training led to the expected consequences, which is to say a backed-up service queue and a lots of headaches for the three of us left on the phones. I actually had to stop for a bit close to the end of the shift because I got dizzy, with a really painful headache on top of all of it. Ugh.

And we’re going to see at least three more weeks of this. I am not pleased. Not even payday in a day or two will be enough to make me feel better about all this. Ergh.

Managed to get more sleep this time around, and while I did wake up again at around noon, it wasn’t as hot, but just as a precaution I turned on the a/c this time. And ta-da, straight sleep through the afternoon. I fear for our electric bill though…

Anyway, here’s to another night at work. I’ll take care to bring headache medicine this time, ahaha.


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