Always One After Another

It’s the second night, and I can’t really say that I want to get used to this. However with half the team on training, and without team lead or team assistant support for most of the shift (though our TL did drop by after lunchtime), it’s pretty hard regardless. So far there’s been no major screw-up on my part, but I’ve been giving our coaches at Minneapolis more calls for clarification so…

All in all, it contributed to how I looked forward to bed when I got home.

Oh, and we had a meet-and-greet with one of the new executives of our LOB… Of course I just had to skip out on the team breakfast that was held immediately afterward, but eh, it’s not like my reputation for being an anti-social loner could increase any more than it already is.

The baby and his minder dropped by as promised, though a little later in the day than my sister’s usual visits due to her family going out to register for voting for the upcoming election. As a result, they were already here when I finally woke up during the late afternoon.

Anyway, time to get ready for work. It’s payday in a day or so, but I’m more interested with how DST’s going to end at the start of November. If nothing else, it’ll help with going to work, what with the clocks being moved forward an hour.

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