Two More Nights Of This (For This Week)

First off, our pay dropped early during the shift, with our salaries ready to be withdrawn early in the evening. I didn’t notice this of course, since the BDO ATM was downstairs on the 5th floor, and I hadn’t had any reason to go down there for a while. You bet that I went out and withdrew the money as soon as I got off shift.  Of course, since I had English enhancement training after last night’s shift, it meant that was well after seven in the morning…

With fully half of my pay though set aside for credit card bill payment though, I can’t really be happy this time. 

So continuing on with the trend of the past few days, I experienced yet another night’s worth of doubled call volume. While 40~ish calls might not seem like much for other call centers, when one recalls that, on average, I don’t even get 30 calls on a busy day, and yeah, it’s a surprise that I didn’t get a headache last night. Minor blessing, that one. 

Oh, and the AM called me in to have a talk during the late shift, but it was mostly only to have me explain why I didn’t go to the team breakfast yesterday. Hmm.

Ah, it’s gonna be tight again for the next cutoff, for sure.


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