How Quickly It Slips Through The Fingers

And I’m not talking about time, though that does feel like it’s flowing through my fingers at times. Oh no, it’s my salary. It didn’t even last a day in my savings account before I had to take out a good chunk of it. Why? Because I’m just a sucker for people who ask me nicely for help, that’s why.

In any case, what’s done is done. All I’m going to have to worry about is getting through this shift. I barely got any sleep this afternoon. Not helped by the fact that I felt the urge to marathon Shimoneta… It looks like caffeine is going to be my good buddy tonight as well.

Sigh. Barely a day into the new cutoff, and I’m already tightening my belt. Annoying.

Anime Watched: Shimoneta 1-12 (marathoned).


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