That Low Blow At The Start Of The Week

With the end of DST, this means that my shift starts an hour later than usual, at least for the next five odd months or so.  In some ways this is a good thing, but in other ways not, as this means that I’ll have to find a way to move my sleep hours to compensate, which is hard enough when I rarely get an uninterrupted seven+ hours of sleep during the afternoon.

Ah, I’m rambling. What I want to say is that I’ll adjust eventually, but the week is gonna be harsh, for sure. I really hope that the calls don’t come in hard for tonight, but that’s kind of a forlorn hope at best.

As an aside… I just heard that Japanese voice actress Miyu Matsuki just passed away. People might remember her more for her role as Yoshinoya-sensei from Hidamari Sketch, or as Hisui from the Tsukihime series, but I also remember her for her role as Cuuko from Nyarko-san and Chamo from Tamayura.  Then there’s her most recent role as Anna-sempai from Shimoneta which odd visitors to this journal will note I just marathoned recently. 

It’s just… a bit sad. She passed away at 38 years old, still relatively young (only four years older than me!), and what’s more, from Pneumonia. Pneumonia! A treatable disease!

Let’s just say that any rewatch of the shows I mentioned above will be awkward, so say the least. >_>

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