Getting The Grind On

Ouch. It’s always hard when my team lead gets on my case for the entire evening, doubling so when on some level he’s right. Too much assumptions, which led to too much jumping to conclusions, which led to a somewhat messy call. And now I’m going to have to train to “make nice” because next week one of the company VIPs is coming for a visit… and barging on a call with me. There’s just so much that could go wrong with that.

As a result I came home much more tired than usual.  Definitely feeling the pressure build at work, and it doesn’t help that we’re still short on people due to the certificate training half of the team is doing. So many calls… It’s kind of amazing I haven’t gotten an ulcer yet due to stress.

Downloaded a Yuru-Yuri episode, but still haven’t watched it, as I woke up way too late in the evening, and now I need to get ready for work. Eh, tomorrow.

P.S. It was really really hot today.


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