Common Latenight Struggles

I’d like to say that last night shift was the same as usual, but the team meeting we had last night gave me a bit to talk about today. Specifically, the discussion was about the plan for Minneapolis to the three of us who were still on the phones to somewhat earlier schedules. While I didn’t have that much issue with it — it would just put me back to the schedule I had while DST was in effect — my two other companions obviously had issues with it.  Then there was the attendance and tardy concerns due to the APEC summit coming in a few weeks. Again I was probably the only team member without any major issues. 

In any case, all my team lead could do to placate the complainers was that he’ll just have to see about it when the nightly conference call with Minneapolis occurred later in the shift… In which the scheduling thing turned out to be a non-issue, because the folk at the head office needed people who were already trained with Certificates as openers, and none of us in the Glorietta 1 team fit the bill, so we’ll continue on with our current schedules as usual.

Then there’s the arrival of the VIP next week. Suffice to say we’re expected to be on the best of behavior, and tuck away our usual shortcuts while she’s in town. Harsh.

There was no after-shift English enhancement lecture (which was supposed to be our last) though, so I suppose that it’ll be rescheduled for after tonight’s shift instead.

Oh, and after I got home? While I’d like to say that I went to bed immediately, I actually only got to sleep at around ten, because it was too darned hot to do so otherwise.


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