Those Trips Into The Coaching Booth

As expected, there was a make-up after-shift languange enhancement class, but since it was scheduled for seven in the morning, I had to wait for at least half an hour to be able to attend. By that point, I was literally nodding off, so I was kind of glad that our instructor didn’t put me to task for doing so. I did wake up a bit once we were presented with the mistaken Cerberus-Orthos delivery skit, and that helped me get to the MRT afterward in one piece as rather than being half-asleep, I was more than half awake.

Can’t really speak much for my actual shift for the night though, aside from the fact that it was packed to the gills with calls as usual, and I had to be pulled from the queue early in the day for one-on-one coaching by my team lead due to a botched call.  My propensity to skim through entries will be the end of me, I swear…

My sister and her family of course dropped by for the weekend, but I was asleep by then, so I only was able to give attention to my nephew once I woke up during the early evening. Not that he needed it any, mind, as my father was as usual watching over the kid.

Last shift for the week, so I better buckle up a bit. It’s also the cutoff deadline, so I’ll have to ask my team lead if I could drop by the “bosses” area to submit my attendance records, as usual.


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