And A Rough Night To End It With

There’s no question, Friday’s shift was pretty terrible. Oh, it’s not because of the calls of course, but I felt like crap when I got to the office. I couldn’t concentrate because there was this ringing in my left ear, on top of the feeling that someone was hammering a cement nail into the left side of my head… I think it’s a good thing that my team lead allowed me a break to rest in the clinic. It was only supposed to be two hours, but that extended into well after lunchtime…  By that time I was okay to take in calls, but I felt enervated through the rest of the shift.  

When the shift ended, I was shivering up a storm, even worse than I had when I arrived at work a few hours before. I had myself checked at the clinic again, and this time it was confirmed: it was a full-blown fever, at 38.2 degrees.  Suffice to say, once I got home, there were no ifs and buts — I took a two liter bottle of water up with me, took a drink of medicine, and went to bed for the day.

And I stayed there, until the late afternoon, where I felt that I could stand on my own without getting dizzy.  The fever was gone of course, but to be safe I’ll probably continue with bedrest, until at least the medicine is used up.  Until then, I’ll just have to keep myself amused through watching BBC documentaries on Youtube…

Anime Watched: Heavy Object.


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