Loads Of Pressure, Don’t Want It At All

Schedule readjustment was mostly successful today, so I’m not feeling groggy from lack of sleep at the very least. Still it would be pushing it to say that I’m looking forward to tonight’s shift at work. Being the starter is bad enough, but we’re expecting a VIP from the main office at Minneapolis tonight, which means not only will we have to be all nice and proper, it also means that I won’t be able to use any of my usual shortcuts to help me with my calls. Ugh.

And to all of this the usual bout of existential frustration, and I’m already feeling mentally tired. I think this was because I just realized that I might have just hit the two-year point at my thesis proposal, and since I wasn’t able to re-enroll, I might have to take classes again as a refresher. Drat.

Nothing seems to be going right for me right now. Nothing.

I need a vacation. Or failing that I need a freaking day off this month. Even a long weekend might do me some good, and forget about the world for that time.

Or, failing that, a marathon of my favorite iyashikei anime.

Anime Watched: Onepunch Man, Is The Order A Rabbit S2.

P.S. It rained during the afternoon, so it helped ease me into sleeping, and I didn’t have to use the A/C as a side bonus too.


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